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Next-level Information Management

Easy & convenient

RETHINK the way you consume information!

3DVisualizr is a toolset to make information consumption more efficient. We enable our customers to put information and data into its context and thus create a digital twin visualisation. We believe that context facilitates the information consumption, as it makes it easier to interpret and organize data.

Our toolset helps you to create 3D experiences with little effort and render them in any web application. Data labels provide the means to show information, while our event triggers allow for drill-down approaches, from high-level to detailed. You will push your information management to a whole new level!

Read here how Phoenix Contact established a hub for all relevant shop floor information and improved their information management.

Your 3D technology has given our digitalization activities a huge push. It's one of the best investments we’ve made in this area so far.

Dr. Till Potente, 
Vice President Operations and Sustainability, 

3DV Portal Introduction

3DV Portal Introduction

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3DVisualizr Portal to create and maintain your
3D experiences

Create and maintain your 3D representation effortlessly! 

  • cloud-based WYSIWYG editor

  • asset library

  • simple drag’n’drop functionality

  • extend the library by uploading content to the portal 

3DVisualizr Engine to visualize data in its context in a digital twin view

Our 3D engine provides powerful UI elements that helps you optimize the way you present information to your users.

  • real-time data visualisation

  • customisable UI

  • runs on-premise

  • dynamic object support and heatmap functionality


3DV engine introduction

3DV engine introduction

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