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About us

The company behind

3DVisualizr is a technology developed by Elisa IndustrIQ. Elisa IndustrIQ was founded by Finnish Telecommunications provider Elisa Oyj to help manufacturing companies in digitalizing their operations on global scale. 

IndustrIQ is able to provide manufacturers with modular, best-of-breed AI solutions for the ever-changing business needs.

Together with our customers we are embracing digitalization towards a sustainable future.

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  • Elisa IndustrIQ @ LinkedIn
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Our Mission

We want our customers to rethink the way they manage their data and information. While our 3D technology provides the context, e. g. a machine, a line or a plant, our data labels can be hooked to each 3D object to carry the data of the respective asset. Thus, we offer a novel way to organise data that is easy to understand and presented in an inspiring and easy-to-access way.

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Our Vision

Our clear focus is to reduce implementation barriers for 3D technology on our customers’ side, to make it affordable and usable for everybody. We want to set a new standard for industrial businesses on how information will be consumed in the near future.


Our Origin

Our journey started as an experiment in 2016, when we tested various ways of data visualization in industrial contexts. When our customers got very excited about our "Digital Twin" technology, we knew we had the grounds to build a proper business.

Our customers guided us to where we stand today, and we promise to keep listening carefully!

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