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Materials & Downloads

Find further information on 3DVisualizr tool set & technical architecture.


Check out our technical documentation on how to get 3DVisualizr engine up and running. 

Find out how Phoenix Contact uses 3DVisualizr tools to improve their information management for 200+ users!

Use our 3DV conversion tool to convert CAD files into babylonJS format to extend your asset library. Here is how.

Download and bind a sample 3D BabylonJs scene into your 3DV plugin.

3DV Engine Plugins

Download our 3DV PowerBI plugin & demo

Check out how it works in our sandbox, and feel free to download our JS code to embed in your application

Check out our Grafana demo!

Download our 3DV ThingWorx Plugin here

Missing a plugin for your software? Reach out and let's discuss whether we can develop that for you!

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