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3DV at Hannover Messe 2022

Last week, Hannover Messe happened again for the first time after the pandemic hit the world heavily. Hence, it was very difficult to foresee whether or not people are ready and willing to participate on these huge events again. As it turned out, they are!

For us at Elisa IndustrIQ, it was the first time to get direct feedback on our current offering, the value proposition and technical setup. So we prepared a demo to monitor the coffee machine we had at our booth (machine parameters, current status, statistics etc.) to showcase 3DV's capabilities. The coffee machine and the demo turned out to be a great icebreaker, and we were lucky enough to collect loads of valuable comments.

One major concern is about the implementation efforts. As this is a complex question to answer (what end points would you like to show, how would you like to present them, what are you internal implementation skills) I usually offer to have a joint call with PhoenixContact. Our 3D plays a major role in their information management (so much so that they had it showcased in their own Hannover Messe booth).

To sum it up: Hannover Messe showed that 3D technologies keep on getting traction, as does the need for better information management in manufacturing companies. We need to do some more homework (especially when it comes to our documentation) but we are in a very good position to make the difference in our customers' way of managing their data.

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