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3DV Feature Overview


3DV Engine brings your Digital Twin visualisation to life

Map data to its origin

Map data labels to 3D objects to show individual data and information



KPI-based coloring

Easily spot bottlenecks in your processes by coloring your asset performances


Heatmap View

Track & Trace 

Follow your assets and orders in real-time


Real-Time Movement

No refresh needed

Data labels are capable of showing dynamic content

3DVReal-Time data.gif

Real-time View

Status and color-coding

Visualise asset status along with the asset data

MicrosoftTeams-image (13)_edited_edited.jpg

Status view


Map additional data labels for annotations or documentations

3DV annotation.png

Data labels in runtime

Easily create your Digital Twin representation in our 3DV portal

Recreate your environment

Add, position, rotate and scale 3D objects to recreate your environment

3DV WYSIWYG editor_edited.jpg

WYSIWYG editor

Start now!

Our extensive 3D asset library provides you the means to start creating your 3D scenes today

3DV asset library_edited.jpg

Asset library

Export to obj

Reuse your scenes in other applications

data labels.png

Open format

Upload new content

Use our CAD-converter tool to extend your asset library



How tos

We created and continue to create short videos on how our technology works, and what is needed to create impressive 3D Digital Twin applications


Our ecosystem

3DVisualizr 3D engine is a visualisation widget that can be integrated into any web-based UI environment to create 3D Digital Twin experiences. We provide Grafana, PowerBI and ThingWorx plugins already, and we are very proud about our partnerships with Contact Software, camLine and sedApta.


However, we are always in search of new partnerships so feel free to reach out to us if you would like to partner up with us, and we are happy to look into creating a 3D plugin for your respective technology, too.

3DV architecture.png
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